The Hood (Part 2)

What are the Hoods?

The “Not so Secret Police” of the Imperius Pantheon. While not technically a military unit, they are able to command military units if Citizens are in danger or if the military unit has no ranking officers.


Native to one of the First Tier realms where the population was primarily elves, The Hoods were expanded due to their overall effectiveness. They were orignally reformed criminals who kept an eye on the oligarchy and military to ensure the well being of the people. While stealth and deception skills are generally the trademark of The Hoods, they are expected to have medicinal and leadership skills as well.

The Hoods in Society

Tradition states that if a member of The Hoods asks for help, it is an honor to help them. If one were to require lodging or supplies and ask you, it would bring honor to your family, for The Hoods are only allowed to ask for help from citizens of high standing and good means. Citizens, however, are in no way obligated to put themselves in danger on behalf of a member of The Hoods. This would be counter productive, for it is the mission of The Hoods to ensure the well being of the realms and its citizens.

Unfortunately, they do not command the same respect in many other realms, especially in 3rd and subjugated tier realms. Because they primarily operate behind the scenes and can ask for assisstance for free, realms that did not learn of the original traditions view them as nothing but oligarchy mandated thieves and cut throats.

Notable Hoods

Traditionally elves, other long lived races can be chosen to become a member. The two very rare exceptions are an Illithid known as “The Adversary” and an undead member known simply as Pale.

The Hood (Part 2)

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