The Deck

What is the Deck?

The Deck is composed of 52 members of the Imperius Army who have been selected to serve as members of a special task force. They can be transferred between squads according to the will of the Army.

Forming a Hand

Members of the Deck are shuffled into squads known as “Hands”. Hands are then deployed, or “dealt”, to newly discovered realms to prepare them for the Imperius.

A Hand’s Purpose

Ideally, a Hand will try to blend in with the populous in order to gain an understanding of the political and secular climate. If there is no set religious or spiritual standards, they make moves to inspire the populous into believing and accepting the Pantheon as their own. If there is already a belief system in place, then they are to gleam whether or not the native deities would be willing to join or at least allow the Pantheon to have a following there and ally with as many as possible.

Some Hands are dealt specifically to realm in crisis or in conflict. If there is crisis, they are to avert it in the name of The Pantheon. If there be conflict, they are to bring about an end to that conflict as fast as possible in the name of the Pantheon with as few casualties as necessary. If none of the above are viable AND the natives become hostile towards the Pantheon, then, and ONLY then, are they to prepare the realm for subjugation. In such a case, they are to achieve maximum affect with minimal casualties.

Distinguishing Features

Deck members wear special aviator sunglasses that bear the emblems of their Patron Gods and/or their assigned Hand. These glasses have a few special purposes:

  1. They’re practical.
  2. They allow members of the Deck to identify the Deck/Hand of other members.
  3. They allow the wearer to see port tubes only accessible to the Deck.
  4. They record the activities of the operators in the field.

The Deck

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