Places (Part 2)

An assortment of realms and locations relevant to the campaign.

The Realms

Known realms are sorted into one of three categories; 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tier. Each tier refers to a different level of influence the Pantheon has over that realm.

1st Tier

Realms that have either been under the Pantheon from the beginning (Imperius Primara) or were adopted early on in the process. Any realm can eventually become a 1st Tier Realm as years pass by after their adoption into the Pantheon.

Imperius Primara

The Home Realm of the Pantheon.

2nd Tier

Realms that recently came into the Pantheon’s grasp. Either their Gods joined the Pantheon or they were forgotten. They can become 1st Tier after a number of years.


A realm primarily composed of Underdark, everything above ground has been obliterated and is no longer inhabitable.

3rd Tier

Realms that were forced into the Pantheon or were uncooperative for one reason or another during that process. These realms usually have a crippled economy, suffer from extreme poverty, and will likely take years to build themselves to a point where they can rise among the Tiers.

The Courageous Period

Think dinosaurs meet Ice Age meet Pectoracles. Home Realm of Frank & Stein.

Frontier Realms

Realms that are unaware of or have not made contact with the Pantheon yet.

Frontier 51 – Red

The realm that the parties are in now, known simply as a Frontier has several continents and massive oceans. The party first arrived on the continent of Shaba, with it’s endless forests and uncharted underground rivers. The goliath siblings Franklin and Stein were previously dispatched to the continent of Tien. The ocean between, now known as The Tidal Wall, is enchanted and prevents any dragons, goliaths, and minotaurs from physically crossing between the continents.

Buffer Zones

Realms that for one reason or another are no longer viable for long term habitation. Used as training grounds, these zones are magically set on the boundries of the Imperius so that troops can be redirected to minimize Citizen casualties.

Western Buffer Zone

Also known as the “Western Gate”, this is a realm primarily used for training/storing the Pantheon Army. The Deck Party trained here with the Twin Giant Gods.

The Deluge


Places (Part 2)

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