People (Part 2)

A collection of characters. Some of these individuals have been met over the course of the campaign. Others simply have relationships or significance to the members of the active party.

The Rival Hand

A group of individuals who’ve earned themselves a certain level of ire from the current party. They were also trained by one of the Twin Giant Gods and are deck members in their own right.

Sgt. Delilah Whittaker – Werewolf Battle Master Fighter
LCpl. Fiametta Arifa Pancake – Fire-Based Wizard
Corporal Stephan Half-Drow Bard
Three – Goblin Rogue
Anklebiter – Pseudodragon

Roggart Paulgund -Wood Elf Warlock with Scaly Ears (K.I.A)
Mariah – Half-Orc Barbarian/Fighter (K.I.A.)


Notable individuals who have, at some point, cooperated with the party.

Deck Lieutenants

Later revealed to be the Twin Gods of War, Boris and Yevan, these brothers trained deck members of the active party and the Rival Hand.

Sergeant Meyers

An elf who has been attached as a deck member to the active party. He seems to be more powerful than he lets on.

Backstory Individuals

Characters who are important to the Player Character’s backstories. These characters may or may not have made an appearance in-game, but are worth noting.

Anathema’s Relations

Anathema carries the spirit of Ta’ali within her


Vem̦dalen Proetica РFather
Kenopsia Dysnomia Proetica – Mother
Klexos Proetica – Older Brother
Lacuna Proetica – Younger Sister


Wicked Metztli – Rogue Tiefling
Alethia Isilivanta – High-Elf (Moon Elf) Artisan/Trader
Mordecai Debeaux – Human Bard

Kane’s Relations

Kane carries the spirit of Dyce within him

Malut’s Relations

Malut carries the spirit of Judias within him


Mom – Mom
Ramsey – Younger, autistic Brother


Ayrie – Friend, Human

Persi’s Relations

Persi carries the spirit of Carella within her


Riluaneth Mirazeiros – Father (Dead)
Gwynnestri Mirazeiros – Mother (Dead)
Demeia Mirazeiros – Older Sister who is a Champion Pit Fighter in the Imperius Primara- currently missing


Thane Nivrero- Human Paladin who works for the Pantheon Army.
Illia Macimis – Human Black Market Merchant
Eran Summerlance – Human Cleric of the Summer (Dead)

Two’s Relations

Two carries the spirit of Zug within him

People (Part 2)

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