People (Part 2)

A collection of characters. Some of these individuals have been met over the course of the campaign. Others simply have relationships or significance to the members of the active party.

The Rival Hand

A group of individuals who’ve earned themselves a certain level of ire from the current party. They were also trained by one of the Twin Giant Gods and are deck members in their own right.

Sgt. Delilah Whittaker – Werewolf Battle Master Fighter
Corporal Stephan Half-Drow Bard
Three – Goblin Rogue
Anklebiter – Pseudodragon

Roggart Paulgund -Wood Elf Warlock (K.I.A)
Mariah – Half-Orc Barbarian/Fighter (K.I.A.)


Notable individuals who have, at some point, cooperated with the party.

Deck Lieutenants

Later revealed to be the Twin Gods of War, Boris and Yevan, these brothers trained deck members of the active party and the Rival Hand.

Iudex Jaques Summerlance

A human from the esteemed Summerlance family of the Imperius Primara and follower of the Solstice King. He has recently become an Iudex (The Golden Bull of Summer) and as such has been delegated to Frontier 51 Red to stop the corruption of Deck agents delegated to the realm.

Relationship to Party Members/Important NPCs: He respects most of the Deck members delegated to the realm and is in charge of weeding out any traitors. He and Meyers were in a Hand together and know each other well, but their relationship seems to be strained. He and Persi know each other from somewhere and their relationship seems uncomfortable.

Sergeant Meyers

An elf who has been attached as a deck member to the active party. He seems to be more powerful than he lets on.

Relationship to Party Members/Important NPCs: He helps all Deck members and evaluates their performance. Has previously acted as Sergeant of the collective Hands and has acted as a sort of mentor to Kane. He and the Iudex were in a Hand together and know each other well.

The Tieflings of the Clan Hold

There are four Tiefling leaders of the Clans in the current town the Hand is in. These four have power and the final say among the four houses, an each seemingly sees to a different aspect of the town. They have also said that they founded the town, so they are much older than they appear. There is also a fifth Tiefling, Barter, who is a cleric and acts as the record keeper for the other four. Whether the group will ultimately be allied with or thrown aside remains in question, but for now, the Hand is helping them.

Siobahn – A red Tiefling who wears glasses and has antlers. She’s fairly short, standing at 3 ft. give or take. The leader of the clan in charge of hunting and craftsmanship. Her clan’s lodge is filled with people working on multiple projects and contraptions. She eventually betrayed her fellow Tieflings and attempted to take a book that they had access to.

Kiern – A red Tiefling with long flowy orange hair who has a muscular build. He’s tall, standing above 6’5’’. Kiern’s clan has the most members in the town. The leader of the clan in charge of reinforcement and fighting. His lodge is filled with food, meat, and contains magical holding cells in its’ basement. The clan utilizes a reinforcement magic that allows them to strengthen material and its’ members are the primary fighting force. He is on good terms with Sgt. Meyers. Ended up in a Coma after Siobahn took a unique artifact for herself.

Yde – A gray, reptilian-looking Tiefling with wings and horns that have been shaven down. He would look human if you didn’t know what you were looking for. The leader of the clan in charge of medicine that has ties to necromancy. His lodge is primarily used as a medicinal lodge and his clan members help with all manner of aliments. Ended up in a Coma after Siobahn took a unique artifact for herself.

Tieg – A blue Tiefling with gills, various fins and fish-like scales who floats everywhere he goes. His lodge is enchanted to have water within it but still have enough oxygen for normal mortals to breath. The leader of the clan in charge of historical archives and magic. His lodge is filled with books. Ended up in a Coma after Siobahn took a unique artifact for herself.

Barter- A cobalt blue Tiefling who wears custom tailored clothing and gold embellishments. A cleric of an unknown God related to trade/the passing of coin. He keeps the records for the town and takes notes on every meeting that occurs. He also seemingly oversees all gambling . He refers to the other Tieflings as his aunt and uncles.

Important People in the Nexus

Amaya WaterSpike-Roberson – A pretty drow with elegant tastes who dislikes the outdoors and prefers the comforts of city life. She has taken an interest in the Traitor Hunters and is allowing them to stay in her Magnificent Mansion for the time being and has vouched for their entry into the Port. She is extremely connected and wealthy, with her family being the one’s who founded the Port. She wants something from the Traitor Hunters and thinks they could be “useful” later down the road.

The Clerk – In the Arena where Frank is currently being held captive, the Gamemaster has a Clerk who seems to oversee all monetary transactions. Transactions legal or otherwise. The two seem to be close.

The Game Master – The head overseer of the Arena. He is currently expecting 1900 gold from the Traitor Hunters in order to free Franklin from the fights.

Jayel – A seasonal drow guard for the Lady Roberson. He showed Oops and Persi around the Nexus on their first day. He used to be an executioner in the arena and he is planning on using his gold to head to the free states.


Notable individuals who the party considers a threat to either themselves or the Pantheon.


Frank and Stein were betrayed by Reva, a elven Deck Member who took their sister away and allied herself with a strange, corrupted minotaur after betraying the Deck. She has a distinctive shield that the Traitor Hunters are trying to locate so they can stop the threat she poses and rescue the sibling’s sister. She may have other allies and she appears to be actively sabotaging efforts in Frontier 51 Red.

Backstory Individuals

Characters who are important to the Player Character’s backstories. These characters may or may not have made an appearance in-game, but are worth noting.

Drag’s Relations


Kane’s Relations

Kane carries the spirit of Dyce within him

Franklin & Stein’s Relations


Parents (Deceased)
Shelly – Younger Sister, Divination Wizard

No’s Relations


Pancake’s Relations


Persi’s Relations

Persi carries the spirit of Carella within her


Riluaneth and Gwynnestri Mirazeiros – Parents (Deceased)
Demeia Mirazeiros – Older Sister who is a Champion Pit Fighter in the Imperius Primara-(Whereabouts Unknown)


Thane Nivrero – Human Paladin who works for the Pantheon Army.
Illia Macimis – Human Black Market Merchant
Eran Summerlance – Human Cleric of the Solstice King (Deceased)

Two’s Relations

Two carries the spirit of Zug within him

People (Part 2)

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