Groups (Part 2)

Notable groups and/or organizations that create the social makeup of the current worlds.

The Pantheon’s Army

Various branches and organizations that work together (or individually) to achieve the goals of the Pantheon.

Judiciary Squads

Bringing the laws of The Pantheon to the heathen realms. Formerly the most elite and first into frontier realms, with the creation of the Deck, now they focus on hunting down traitors and quelling rebellions.


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The Deck

A group of 52 highly-trained individuals who can be “shuffled” around to form special task forces called a “Hand”. These hands can be dealt or deployed to realms of special interest to the Imperius.

The Hoods

The “Not so Secret Police” of the Imperius Pantheon. While not technically a military unit, they are able to command military units if Citizens are in danger or if the military unit has no ranking officers.

The Purifiers

A religious, zealot, assassin corps of the Pantheon who are usually former army soldiers. They have completely committed themselves to the eradication of False Faiths that would dilute the Pure Faith that is the Imperius Pantheon.

Groups (Part 2)

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