Thicker Than Water

Reaper's Log 1.2

Behemoths and Pancakes

As Meyers was chewing me out and basically threatening me with my background and inexperience despite my combat expertise (which, ya know, it’s not my fault that I don’t really know why I was assigned to this unit. Thane just showed up one day and talked to my old Captain and that was that) when a huge purple cat-bull…thing (we are just calling it a Behemoth) showed up and started attacking Sarge, Meyers and I. The Behemoth bit me and picked me up, but the others seemed to distract it enough (with Meyers and Sarge laying into him and ’Ren distracting him with some mean words as per usual) that I managed to wriggle free and hide under the beast while he was distracted. Meanwhile, a strange person seemed to fly in from the sky in a strange suit and splat on top of the beast. This appeared to knock them out, and they fell to the ground. On impact, we realized this was an ally, as it was a scrawny-looking female human with some aviators that matched our own.

I was heading over to her when she regained consciousness, so I buffed her a little, which allowed us to do some more damage to the beast but something seemed to go wrong between two spells I cast and she suddenly weakened and passed out. Odd. I spared her from dying for the time being and stabilized her while the others managed to chase off the beast. We rested for a short time till the woman woke up and she introduced herself as Fiametta Arifa and gave us a supply drop that had apparently been requisitioned for us.

Everyone got some new weapons, and I took the time to hand Chops my Pack since it was way too heavy to carry for me for long distances and I didn’t need to sleep in the bag anyway (and I was responsible for the loss of his own), and I was handed a strange looking shortsword with no guard that Meyers informed me was a Wakizashi sword. After taking some time to practice with it, it informed me that it was a sentient sword named The Spring That Has Fallen Silent (It prefers to go by “Spring”) and that it was a sword that would help me know if I was fulfilling my duties to the Pantheon. It also was slightly magical and if I held it a certain way and shouted its’ name it would do a little more damage.

The others got fancy weaponry and armor as well, including some new inserts for our aviators that allowed us to manage our positions and find other members of our group much easier. The woman informed us that she had been sent to meetup with the other group as she was their new Deck Member. She surprisingly lacked a callsign, so we gave her the name “Pancake”. She showed Anklebiter a small tube which revealed a wooden wing and leg for the little guy. He seemed to take a liking to the Wizard so she took him from ’Ren. After discussing a plan of action with Meyers, we departed and traveled a ways before coming to a large canyon.

There were caves on the other side that had lots of creepy eyes glowing in them, so after deducing that the eyes belonged to nocturnal animals we rested for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, Spring gave me daymares when I Tranced, since it didn’t like the fact that I caused an avalanche and hurt my team. While annoying, I probably deserved it, so no complaints from me.

In the morning, we debated flying over the canyon with Pancake, but since Pancake was not the strongest flyer with her fancy suit, we headed farther North looking for the end of the ravine. This took us three days but we eventually found a slope downwards and the end. Pancake realized her team was somewhere at the bottom so we headed down, finding a long winding cave into the deep gash of a canyon that we headed into. I’m not excited to be heading underground, but I’m happy to do it if it’s necessary.

While we were hiking down, I took a moment to pull Meyers aside and ask if in his next report he could request a visitation from either some Hoods or a Guard to check on my sister…and you know, I can’t remember why it was so important. But he agreed, so that’s good. I hope she’s doing well.


MarvinHood ThePinkStingray

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