Thicker Than Water

Carella's Log 6.2.17

There Goes the Neighborhood

While I was passed out, Judi tapped into the power of the teleportation circles to get me back to the Embassy.  Meanwhile Kai and Rosalynda ran into a large goliath called Meatbag who helped them carry some unconscious bodies back to the Embassy and learned that he was trying to find Fathom.  They had the steward perform a healing spell on me which woke me up and we all hobbled inside. We decided to perform a remove curse spell on Fathom so he could heal the rest of us.  The steward did so creating a blackened ball of quartz.  Suddenly my pickaxe started….smiling?….and pulling towards the quartz, saying it was hungry.  I hit the quartz which caused it to implode, knocking Judi, Rosalynda, and I unconscious.  Meatbag and the remaining Druid walked back to the docks to check on the hawk druid's bodies.  Kai decided to head out to find Leana and Riah.  

While they investigated the area, Judi and I dreamed we were in the Bleed.  A low and feminine voice asked what her name was, insisting that I knew it, but everything she tried to say it I would forget it instantly.  She also mentioned that I would be unable to get Jean out of the Bleed while I was there.  I tried moving towards the great diamonds on Ni'Vram's back and spotted Judi.  We both kept running smack into each other and when I reached the diamond that was glowing I touched it.  It was warm to the touch and there were 3 others, one of which was cracked.  Judi messaged me, asking what it was, and I explained that it was my diamond.  I was an anchor and I was pretty sure this was my anchor spot.  He headed towards the others trying to find out who the others belonged to.  The voice knew Ni'Vram as her Lord and kept insisting that Judi and I knew her name.  The Traveler mentioned the goddess Null to Judi but I wasn't able to leave after trying any names.  Confused I said my own name and vanished.

Judi and I woke up to a glowing blue fire outside and forgot our dreams.  We ran outside to try and get to Riah and ran into the group of Kai, the Colt, and Meatbag.  We find Meatbag, Kai, and the colt outside in the burning city, and suddenly, the ship above us started shooting spears. Despite our best efforts to dodge, the spears seem to track our movement.  We weren't able to move in time and died in the explosion.

Kai, Judi and I woke up to being chained up by our wrists on the deck of the sky-ship.  All of our gear was on deck below us and we were being examined by a peculiar death knight who would not give us his name. Noting the stones below us, we gathered that we had been resurrected for some odd reason.  He began slowly testing and torturing us.   He examined Judi first determining that his tattoos were unique. The tattoos do not give like normal skin.  He also embeds a piece of his finger into Judi’s forehead as punishment for speaking out. He recognizes Kai as the Prince and he began toying with my scales, testing to see if they give and he burns a symbol into my chest that says "Anchor". We all have red paint along peculiar spots and tattoos on our skin.  He pulled out one of my scales and wrote in a smaller book for my unique oddities, mentioning that my scales were not normal dragon scales because things could not penetrate them at all. He then proceeded to take several vials of blood from each of us. We noticed some of the people were giving us tiny message stones.

Doukes comes up during this interrogation and I hissed at him, angry at the betrayal.  He slapped me and placed a sending stone in my ear.  We were eventually brought below deck to a holding cell, Judi was knocked out, and we waited.  Eventually we got the signal to leave and went to run upstairs to get our stuff.  Another bugbear by the name of Shatterskull tried to help but I accidentally got the guards to attack instead (in a misguided attempt to get them to flee) and he shattered the ground beneath us, swinging at me in frustration.  We ran upstairs. 

Meanwhile, Rosalynda and a forest gnome by the name of Zug hopped on Izzet and flew to the ship, trying to save us.  Zug got onto the ship with them and started shooting at people on deck but Izzet crashed on a nearby rooftop with Rosalynda after a brief fight on deck.  Doukes bailed on us and we were left to fend for ourselves.   Sliding all around the ship, Judi, Kai and I managed to grab our gear, with Kai and Judi hopping on the broom and I heading to the side.  The ship was crashing into rooftops at this point and we knew we would have to get off the ship so I leaped off and misty-stepped down to the roof below me, with Kai and Judi close behind on the fire broom.  Kai however was getting attacked by the death knights who were watching his stuff. We landed on the roof and headed over to Rosalynda and Izzet in the meanwhile.  

Zug landed on a roof a good distance away and started the trek to us as well after bailing as fast as he could off of the ship.  The sky-ship crashes and flips into a sinkhole, with the crew bailing as quickly as possible, eventually beginning to sink into the ground. 

When we got to Rosalynda and Izzet, Izzet died from his wounds. However, Rosalynda used a scroll of Revivify from Kai and we managed to resurrect him, though the dragon was quite scared and only retained one wing.  Suddenly Leelay, the head of the Banities started gliding towards us, absorbing a fireball spell of mine. A lion-were inspired us for the fight that was to come, but was then knocked unconscious so we readied ourselves for a fight and ended up fighting our "regrets" in the form of dead ghosts of people who we had killed.  After battling with some of our demons for some time (and Judi falling to the earth with Izzet protecting him) I realized that my pickaxe was hungry, so I started swinging at the ghost of Asora who was attacking me. 

The pickaxe absorbed the ghost and I headed up to the roof again to help and absorbed the ghosts up top as well, causing my pickaxe to crave more and begin burning and peeling the skin from my hands, absorbing my blood. After the ghosts were gone, Leeley stated that the result was unexpected and disappeared. A remaining death knight pulled a glowing spear of death from his stomach and shot it at Izzet.  The spear soared true, absorbing Izzet to our dismay. Then he disappeared as well.  

Fathom rode up and mentioned that it was good we were alive so we gathered up everyone and headed back to town. The Embassy blew up at that moment, destroying the evidence within so I have no way back to Vale Hold now.  We rested and healed our wounds going to see separate tasks.  The town had been saved but at great cost, which much of the merfolk dead and the demons captured by Leelay.  The Rage Horse seemed satisfied with my results, although the two Colts got dead and eaten, so now I wait with the group planning our next move. 


MarvinHood ThePinkStingray

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